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Our Focus This Year:

Our focus over this year is to stress the importance of voting in smaller elections and the large scale effect this can have on our political system to our members and guests. By participating in democracy you’re helping build the world that we all want to live in. Hold politicians accountable, vote for what is right and research candidates thoroughly before making your decision.

Always ensure you’re enrolled to vote and keep track of any local, state and federal elections that are taking place that involve you. If possible, we suggest voting early but this varies state by state (you can see if you are eligible here). If voting by mail 99% of the time a stamp is not required but if one is necessary, visit the USA Stamp Guide to find a convenient location to purchase some.

Democracy does not work if people become complacent. If you don’t use your right to vote than you are giving up a privilege that people died to give you. We need we are disadvantaged when it comes to voting so fight extra hard to make things right.

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